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Tear Gas Clean Up

Remediation of a home or business following pepper spray (Capsaicin) or tear gas (typically CN Chloroacetophenone, CS - Ortho-Chlorobenzylidene-Malononitrile or CR - Dibenz (b,f)-1,4-Oxazepine) use requires a specially trained professional to be able to safely rid the premises of the aftermath. Without proper remediation, re-entry into the premises is nearly impossible. Inadequate remediation by companies that are not properly trained can result in long-term exposure to these irritating substances that can cause rashes and respiratory problems. Aftermath trains our technicians to handle jobs of this nature. All of our technicians have the proper training to completely clean and remediate the crime scene in the event that tear gas must be used. Our procedures ensure that the area will be safe to inhabit, and all the irritants will be properly removed from all affected rooms.

Tear Gas or riot controlling agents lead to the temporary loss of function of the eyes, mouth, throat, and/or lungs. Crying, sneezing, coughing, and temporary blindness are all symptoms of the chemical or irritant used by Law Enforcement, to control situations that may get out of hand. Entering a premise that has been filled by tear gas or pepper spray is dangerous, if the remediation is not done correctly. Skin exposure and inhalation of left over chemicals could lead to long-term effects and could include rashes, blindness, and asthma. Because tear gas never breaks down by itself, the chemicals can linger forever if not remediated. Properly trained technicians need to rid the property of any and all chemicals that may be looming after the use of Tear Gas. The chemicals are actually an extremely fine powder and not a gas, so it is difficult to clean correctly. Using an ordinary house vacuum could actually redistribute the particles into the air. Which is why, proper remediation of tear gas and pepper spray is important.

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Why hire a professional?

Improper tear gas cleanup can lead to:

  • Reactivation of irritants.
  • Irritants lingering in home.
  • Irritants staying in carpet.
  • Irritants left behind on walls.
  • Persistent adverse reactions to irritants.
  • Eye irritation.
  • Disorientation / dizziness.
  • Difficulty breathing.


Action Bio-Care crew was awesome! They were very helpful and respectful. I could not have done this without their help. Thank you so much

Industry Overview

Professional tear gas cleaning and remediation.

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